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Dance Portrait FAQ

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1. Where will the photos be taken?
Mike will set up his studio equipment in one of the dance rooms. No need to worry about finding a strange place.
2. How many poses will I get to choose from?
At least 10-15 photos will be taken per costume in a variety of poses. The biggest “complaint” we hear is that it’s too hard to choose.
3. May I choose more than one pose?
After you choose one pose for a package or a large wall photo, you can choose any number of photos, sizes, and quantities of any other pose. For example, after ordering Package B of your favorite pose, you may order a 5×7 of photo 6, a 4×6 of photo 11, or a 4×6 of everything. You can also order a separate package of different poses to take advantage of the package pricing.
4. When do I see the proofs?
An assistant will show you your photos immediately after the shoot is finished. Packages and prints must be ordered and full payment made at that time.
5. How much time will the session last?
Plan on 30 minutes between the shoot itself, looking at the proofs, and placing your order.
6. Can I bring several outfits?
If you would like more than 2 outfits, please sign up for two time slots.
7. What about hair and makeup?
This is entirely up to you, but avoid full stage makeup and glitter. Stage makeup overemphasizes the face for viewing at a distance, and your pictures will be up close, so too make makeup looks garish!
8. May siblings or friends have their pictures taken together?
Absolutely. If you want individual photos as well, plan on signing up for consecutive time slots if possible.
9. Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, but due to transaction fees, we prefer checks, money orders or cash.
10. How long will it take to receive my order?
Your order will arrive in the mail in 2-3 weeks.
11. I have a question not answered here. How can I contact you?
You may email me at mike@mikenymanphotography.com or call me at 508-414-1656.
12. May I see some samples of other dance pictures?
Some samples are online at www.MikeNymanPhotography.com/dance/ .

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