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Worcester Wired

Near the end of 2008, Worcester Wired featured my Day in the Life of Worcester project, but soon after the online “newspaper” went on hiatus for a few years while editor Noah Bombard pursued other projects. Noah and Worcester Wired are now back, and Noah has asked me to be part of the volunteer staff, providing a weekly photo in the spirit of my old 2006 project. The first entry, Anticipation at Shore Park Beach, has posted, so add the Worcester Wired feed to your news reader of choice, or check back the old fashioned way!

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City Hall Gallery

City Hall GalleryThirteen photos from my 2006 Day in the Life of Worcester series are now on display in the new gallery at Worcester’s City Hall. The showing will probably run through April.

View the rest of the series and purchase prints.

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Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts

Hanover Theatre

I went to the open house for the newly restored Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts. Nice to see Worcester do something right.

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First Night 2007

Igwebuike Women's Dancing Group of Worcester

A Day in the Life has come full circle, ending with a Nigerian dance performed by the Igwebuike Women’s Dancing Group of Worcester during First Night 2007.

Thanks for your comments and support for this project which consumed a significant part of my own life the last 365 days. I’ll be posting a wrap up commentary in a few days, followed by a couple of weeks off. Though A Day in the Life of Worcester is now complete, stay tuned for a series of new projects in the upcoming weeks. Thanks again for a fun year, and I hope you have a very happy new year.

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Tuckerman Hall

Tuckerman Hall

Tuckerman Hall is the home of the Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra and carries an important legacy historically and architecturally.

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Worcester Art Museum

Renaissance Court at the Worcester Art MuseumThe Worcester Art Museum claims to house over 35,000 works of art, and “was among the first to exhibit and collect photographs as fine art. The photography collection has grown to over 2,000 images that span the entire history of the medium.” Alas, none of those are mine.
The museum is free on Saturday mornings, so there is no excuse not to go.

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South Station

Holiday Express Model Railroad at South StationIf you board the commuter rail at Union Station, pay $6, and ride to the end of the line, you’ll end up in Boston’s South Station. Not a bad deal, especially with the holiday installation of the 448 square foot Holiday Express model train exhibit.

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Worcester Superior Court

Moses SculptureA copy of Michelangelo’s Moses can be found on the second floor of the soon-to-be-old Worcester Superior Court. It was given to the courthouse by the American Antiquarian Society in 1910.

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Clark University

Freud Sculpture at Clark University

A larger than life scultpture of Sigmund Freud, complete with not one but two cigars in his left breast pocket, sits on the main square at Clark University.
For the final prize time, be the first to leave a comment with the correct answer to the following question: What two words start the top of the right hand page of the book that he is reading. Please note that comments from those who have not yet posted are held for approval, and are not public until I approve them. This means that the first person with the correct answer may not be the first person with a publicly viewable answer. The winner gets a 5×7 print of their choice from the fine arts section of this site, or from the Day in The Life postings.

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Mary Had A Little Lamb

Mary Had A Little Lamb Sculpture-face detailMary Elizabeth Sawyer (1806-1889) and her little lamb were born in Sterling, MA, and this sculpture on the Sterling Common memorializes the classic poem written by John Roulstone.

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Ad Remnants

Heywood ShoesThe weather-worn painted advertisements can still be found on quite a few of the old mill buildings of Worcester’s past. I find a kind of strange comfort in them–portals to a different time. The Heywood Boot and Shoe Company closed in 1953, according to the Worcester Historical Museum website.

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