Old South Boston Army Base

Army Base

Most of the old Army Base lies empty, but now contains the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal and the New England Seafarers’ Mission, which provides important services for the thousands of seafarers who dock at the terminal.

From the NESM webpage:

Seafarers are the men and women who work and live aboard the ships which move raw materials for industry, energy for our homes and cars, and they bring our finshed products to markets here and overseas. They are an essential part of our national economy and of the world’s economy, but they are almost always out of sight and therefore out of mind for most of us land-dwellers.

Because they are unseen and forgotten, they are easily victimized. At sea they work long, hard hours. Often they encounter dangerous weather, and every year several ships sink or are never heard from again. Crews are still murdered by modern day pirates in several lawless parts of the world. Ashore, they are often made victims by criminals.

Against all of this, NESM and other maritime ministries seek to offer hospitality, understanding, and essential services at fair exchange.

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