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Movies in the Park

Sith Lord
For three Saturday nights in August, a free movie will be shown in Institute Park. Last night was Star Wars III, and lots of people dressed as characters from the movies came out to interact with the audience before the show started. Good time and a nice setting, but horror of horrors, they used the full screen version instead of the wide screen version. Hopefully this will be corrected for the Prisoner of Azkaban and Madagascar in the next two weeks. Any Star Wars geeks out there know which Sith Lord this is?

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  1. Kate
    Posted August 7, 2006 at 1:39 am | Permalink

    This isn’t too geeky, cause I had to look it up. But the amount of time I spent doing that could make me enough of one anyway, I guess. And also that I knew where to look.
    Anyway, according to the Star Wars Databank, she seems to be Asajj Ventress. Who hasn’t even appeared in the movies, just EU stuff, so that would explain why I didn’t recognize her, but since the pictures match I’m not looking any further.
    If anyone else has an answer, though, it’s very possible I could be wrong.