The Whispering Wall

Whispering Wall

The World War Memorial at Lincoln Square was “erected by the people of worcester in memory of the men and women of the city who gave their lives in The World War 1917-1918.” It is known as the whispering wall because you can supposedly hear someone whisper on the other end of the C-shaped wall. No one was with me, so I could not try it out. Can anyone verify the rumor?

Several prominent battles are named along the curved wall: Champagne-Marne, Aisne, Oise, Ypres-Lys, Meuse-Argonne, St. Mihiel, and Chemin des Dames.

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  1. Dal90
    Posted April 15, 2009 at 8:57 pm | Permalink

    Yes it does!

    Had a friend’s 10 year old daughter show me that this afternoon…it’s absolutely amazing.

    And if you shout, it seems to amplify your voice.

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